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Visual Art

Phone: 651-744-1505


Ms. Va Lor

Nyob zoo txhua leeg! 

This is Ms./xf. Va. I am the visual arts teacher rau peb cov menyuam. This will be my 2nd year teaching middle school. 

In my Beginning Art & Intermediate Art class, we will be exploring the areas of 2D-3D, painting, printmaking, fiber arts, and ceramics. Hmoob arts, crafts and history will be implemented in the units for students to be able to build a connection and learn more about Hmoob arts. I am excited to see the different ideas and creations by the students, and excited for you all to have a view of their work. 

Nco ntsoov tias, every mistake made is a new discovery nyob rau hauv peb lub chav kos duab.