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English Language Arts


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I grew up in Minnesota but also lived in Arkansas and Florida for a number of years. I come from a family of 9 siblings total and of the 9 I am child number 6. I grew up in the Saint Paul district and lived a big portion of my life in Frogtown Saint Paul. I am the first in my family to become an educator. 


If I could go on a dream vacation, I would travel to Japan and eat the best sashimi and nigiri dishes as well as eat A5 Wagyu beef. Food is a huge passion of mine, but only in terms of eating, not cooking.  


A few surprising facts about me is that I love to keep birthday cards, or some sort of thank you card and use them as a bookmark for different books that I read. I also love playing sports such as basketball and volleyball.  


I don't have any pets, but if I could have one, I would want a pet dragon so it could fly me around! 

I teacher Readers and Writers Workshop for 6th Grade.