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Family Engagement Plan

School Introduction

Txuj Ci HMong Language and Culture Upper Campus (TCUC) believes that children are everyone's priority. Our teachers, parents and community partners are all committed to nurturing each TCUC students as a remarkable individual.


TCUC is to honor sustain and expand the Txuj Ci HMong Language and Culture Upper Campus of SPPS students.


Txuj Ci HMong Language and Culture Upper Campus is committed to collaborating transparently with all learners and families to reclaim, preserve and sustain the Hmong language and culture.

The Family Engagement Plan (FEP) is organized into four impact areas. We will be working together this year to build positive and goal-oriented relationships in each area. Families and staff at the school developed this plan together.

Welcoming Environment

Our school has staff member(s) available for families to discuss this plan and ask questions.

  • Jeremy Moua - Family Liaison
  • Teachers
  • Translators are available upon request
  • Principal
  • Other Staff

Our school communicates with families in many ways.

  • Classroom newsletters
  • All school news on our website
  • Schoology news on student iPads
  • Fliers and notices send home for events and important district sent via Finalsite Connect

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